Life events

Picture Credit: Fox Moon Photography

St Paul’s is here to mark the significant times in your life and in the lives of your loved ones.

If you’re wanting to mark the start of your child’s life or if you’re new to the Christian faith and want to begin your journey of faith then we would be privileged to journey with you to a baptism service. For those wanting to take their faith further and who have already been baptised then we would love to hear from you if you would like to be confirmed.

If you’re thinking of getting married at St Paul’s then congratulations! We’d love to hear from you to plan a wedding service here. St Paul’s is a beautiful and intimate setting to make your vows before God and your friends and family. As we’re part of the Church of England there are some legal requirements you would need to meet in order to get married here. For couples who have been divorced or who are not UK or EU citizens, in many circumstances it will still be possible for you to get married at St Paul’s but you would need to speak to the Vicar first.

Finally, when a life draws to a close then we are here to accompany you as you plan your loved one’s funeral service. Whether you want your loved one’s funeral service to take place in church or at a crematorium chapel then we would be able to support you as you plan this service. Our churchyard at St Paul’s is still open and parishioners living in Shadwell are able to be laid to rest in our churchyard or Garden of Remembrance. For those who have been bereaved we also hold a special Service of Thanksgiving for the departed each year around All Saints’ and All Souls Day (late October or early November).

For any enquiries about baptism, confirmation, weddings or funerals please contact the Vicar on 0113 2654926 or